We present eight arguments that will make you decide to start doing business with us.

We have strong connections with the automotive industry.

We are professionals with a strong work ethic and high productivity.

No one else does what we do.

You won’t pay us until you make profits.
You won’t pay us until you make revenues.
You won’t pay us until you get results.

You’ll make sales in a foreign country at a low risk.

You will get accurate information.

MAR helps you to overcome the cultural barrier.

Your customers will have direct communication with a local contact.

Know the advantages of the market in Mexico.


1.- We have strong connections with the automotive industry.

2.- Mexico’s trade with the United States and Canada has tripled since NAFTA came into effect in 1994.

3.- Mexico is currently the seventh largest light vehicle producer in the world and the first in Latin America.

4.- Mexico has become the fourth largest automotive parts exporter worldwide and first supplier for the United States.

5.- Almost 14% of the vehicles sold in the United States are assembled in Mexico.

6.- The Mexican automotive industry is producing around 4 million cars by year.

7.- Mexico´s automotive industry represents the 25% of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).

8.- Mexico is the country with the most free-trade agreements in the world, signed with 45 countries.

9.- Currently, more than 48 car and light truck models are produced in Mexico by 12 OEMs. There are dozens of Tier 1s and hundreds of Tier 2s.

10.- Mexico’s cost advantages have become highly competitive worldwide.

11.- Even Chinese companies are moving to Mexico to capitalize on its trade and manufacturing advantages.

12.- In the past years, automotive investment in Mexico has exceeded $5 billion dollars. Companies like Daimler, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Audi, Nissan, GM and several Tier 1s are investing to build new facilities in our country.


MAR takes full responsibility for developing projects in Mexico. We apply our values to every project we take on which helps to ensure that we deliver the best possible outcome for our client. We ensure constant support and follow-up to our customers. Our philosophy is “Do it once, do it right”.


MAR has the right contacts in the automotive industry to help our customers boost their sales. We can help you to hurdle the language barrier fast, meaning a more rapid rise in your sales. Each day there are more and more decisions being taken in Mexico for new projects and transfers. MAR has the know-how.


MAR helps ensure that our customers gain a real presence in Mexico at a low cost. We truly represent our clients, with frequent visits to customers and follow-up strategic business plans. We keep our clients regularly and reliably informed.


MAR is proud to provide only the highest quality services and support to our customers. Our thorough staff works closely with all of our clients to get the best results. We give every task the care and consideration needed to assure the requirements of our clients and surpassed their expectations. We strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.